TRUCKIN’ FAST PowerStroke F-250 Tears Up Mud Park

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This week’s Truckin’ Fast video takes us to the obstacle course of the West Georgia Mud Park where a short cab, short bed Ford F-250 packing a monster PowerStroke diesel is tearing through the grueling gauntlet.

In the comments, they say that this F-250 is “mostly stock”, but based on the stack pouring smoke from right behind the cab, I would guess that there has at least been a few extra horsepower and a few hundred extra lb-ft of torque added under the hood.

Regardless of the level of modification, this Ford F-250 puts on an incredible show on the obstacle course. From deep pools of muddy water to some extreme jumps, this PowerStroke’d race truck barely bats an eye at any of the hard parts of this dirt track with a massive plume of smoke pouring from the back the whole time.


Unfortunately, the course takes its toll on the bright yellow F-250 including the loss of the tailgate towards the end, but an offroad show as great as this one is well deserving of being featured here on

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