Ford Ranger Destroys Donut Box

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Sonoma Winter Jam Gets Smoked by Daredevil Ford Ranger Driver Who Thinks He’s Ken Block

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Monday” features a heavily customized Ford Ranger playing in the “donut box.” For those of you unfamiliar with a donut box (aside from a cardboard box filled with tasty dough), it’s a squared enclosure designed to do donuts and wow spectators.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a burnout box, which is designed for a stationary vehicle to destroy their tires. The vehicles in a donut box are given lots more room to roam. Or, as the case may be, to do donuts. Such is the case of this video shot at the recent Sonoma Winter Jam by BayAreaMisfits.

The growth of drifting and the likes of Ken Block‘s “Hoonigan” videos have made donut boxes wildly popular. In addition, these general types of automotive show-off areas appeal to the the younger automotive crowd. Furthermore, it obviously really appealed to the driver of this highly-modified blue Ford Ranger, by the looks of it.

We don’t have any details on this Ranger, but we can tell from watching and listening to the video, that this is not your average compact pickup. This Ranger is lowered, and is powered by what sounds like a V8 engine. Based on the fact that it has a roll cage extending from the gutted bed into the cab, I would guess that the chassis has been heavily reinforced. Primarily to reduce weight and increase performance. As a result, one can see this mighty pickup spin like there’s no tomorrow. And it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop anytime soon!

In other words, I would guess that this truck has been purpose-built to put on this type of showboating. This wicked little Ranger is well worth a minute of your time, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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