TRUCKIN’ FAST Meet the Nastiest Bronco Ever

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10 second bronco

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features an old school Ford Bronco from Australia that blasts down the quarter mile in the low 10 second range –once the driver is able to keep the front wheels down.

This Bronco, which is appropriately named Mr. Cube, is powered by a 427 cubic inch small block Ford V8 with a serious nitrous system and all of the accompanying items needed to make enough power to propel this big sport utility vehicle down the quarter mile in the low 10 second range.

More impressively, the details indicate that this race ready Bronco has run a best of 9.90s, but in this video it “only” runs in the low 10s.

Of course, this is after the classic right hand drive Ford Bronco does a monster wheel stand and is equipped with a set of wheelie bars that allow it to make better use of the power.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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