Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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A purpose-built Ford Raptor race truck shows how Tough Truck is done.

This week’s ‘Truckin’ Fast Wednesday’ comes to us from the RPM Army on YouTube and it features a purpose-built Ford Raptor race truck blasting around a Tough Truck track. We feature a great many Tough Truck events, but in most cases, the Ford trucks in action are road-going pickups that are being beaten to death by the rough race track. Those trucks shed parts and bounce around like crazy as they slam down after each jump, so finishing the race is their greatest accomplishment.

On the other hand, the Ford race truck in the video below shows how smoothly a Tough Truck race can go when a vehicle built for this type of action hits the track.

Raptor Race Truck

The details on this Ford race truck are short, but it is very clear that this is not a production version of the F-150 Raptor. This is a tube chassis with a body modeled after the first generation SVT F-150, with a race-ready suspension setup, a lightweight sheet metal body and a powerful V8. In all reality, this Ford Raptor might not have a single component from a production, road-going SVT Raptor F-150, but that doesn’t matter.

Ford Raptor Race Truck

What does matter is that this Ford race truck flies around the Tough Truck track more smoothly than any truck or SUV we have featured in the past.

The race begins with the Raptor racer storming away from the flagman with all four tires spinning. After breezing through the first corner, the Ford truck pops over the first jump, landing without hardly any bounce and quickly building speed for the next obstacle. From there, the truck hurries across a few more small jumps with ease along with taking the tight turns without any issue.

Compare this run to the average F-150 on a Tough Truck course, where they struggle for control after each jump before sliding into the walls in the tight turns, and you can see how much better a purpose-built Raptor race truck conquers the Tough Truck track.

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