TRUCKIN’ FAST Ford Flex Beats Dodge Viper ACR

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flex v viper

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a Ford Flex teaching a lesson in the importance of traction to a Dodge Viper ACR. This video was captured at the Roadkill Nights event at the Pontiac Silverdome, where there was a temporary 8th mile drag strip set up for grudge styling racing. The conditions were very shaky, as the vehicles were literally racing through the parking lot of a stadium that is crumbling to the ground. Many very powerful cars at the event – like this Dodge Viper ACR – had troubles getting away from the line while some all-wheel drive vehicles – like this Ford Flex were able to hand out some impressive beatings.

This video shows one such impressive beating.

The Viper wowed the crowd with a big smokey burnout, while the Ford Flex sat quietly at the starting line. The Viper backed up and staged, with the roar of the V10 anticipating the starting signal. However, when the light came on, the all-wheel drive Ford Flex quickly ripped away from the line, while the mighty Viper struggled to get traction. This allowed the EcoBoost-powered Ford SUV to get a big enough lead to hold off the Viper on the top end, giving the win to the unlikely competitor.

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