TRUCKIN’ FAST Explorer Tackles the Tuff Truck Course

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explorer tuff truck

What do you get when you take an old Ford Explorer, paint numbers on the side and take it racing on a small, tight dirt track that would be more appropriate for BMX bicycles? You get Tuff Truck – and you get our newest Truckin’ Fast video.

Tuff Truck (also called Tough Truck or Rough Truck), allows the owner of any truck or SUV to take their shot at turning the fastest lap on a track that will quickly destroy the vehicle if the driver doesn’t take a jump the right way.

Tuff Truck beats the crap out of the vehicles, so, like this Ford Explorer, most of the trucks are beaten up – only because they are only going to get more badly beaten up during the short race.

Some drivers try to take the course a little more gently to ensure that they make it to the finish line, but this Explorer is not driven by one of those people.

Instead, the driver of this Explorer rockets off of the jumps and over the rough bumps at full speed. It looks to be a good run until the second to last jump, which is met with a shower of sparks.

Shortly after, the Explorer appears to lose power – but it still crosses the line and finishes the run.

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