TRUCKIN’ FAST Diesel Ranger Crushes Ram

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diesel ranger races ram

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a tiny little Ford Ranger powered by a big, nasty PowerStroke diesel engine.

There are no details available on this diesel Ranger, but it doesn’t take a professional to recognize that this particular PowerStroke engine has been heavily modified for drag racing duty.

The video begins slowly, with the Ranger already up to the starting line while the Dodge Ram driver in the near lane works on learning how to drag race.

Once the staging officially finally got the bigger of the two trucks lined up correctly, both drivers bring the RPMs of their engines up as to build boost, at which point the Ranger sounds more like a jet than a pickup truck. The Ram creates a whole lot of smoke, but you can tear by the whistle of the PowerStroke that this Ranger is about to blast down the track.

When the green light drops, both trucks rip away from the line and the PowerStroked Ford Ranger jumps out to a big early lead – and the driver never really had to look back. In the end, the Ranger ran an amazing 10.30 at 133.92 miles per hour and it sounded awesome doing it so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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