TRUCKIN’ FAST Classic Bronco Dances into the 10s

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wheelstand bronco

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features an old school Ford Bronco that we have seen before, but I think that most of you will agree that this big, bad beast is well worthy of a second look.

This full size Bronco is packing a small block Ford V8 stroked out to 427 cubic inches and fitted with a nitrous oxide setup that makes it one wicked fast grocery-getter.

In fact, other videos online show this Australian Bronco blasting down the track in the 10.0 range, but this video has the big rig running a touch slower – and dancing all over the track in the process.

On the very first run of the video, this Bronco leaves the line without the wheelie bars and it quick shoots to the right, crossing the center lane and forcing the driver to lift. Fortunately, there was no vehicle in the right lane, so a real crisis was averted.

After that, the Bronco makes two more good, strong runs and even though he gets very near the center line, this old school Ford gets through the top end traps in the low 10 second range with some great wheelstands at the line.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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