Truckin’ Fast Wednesday: F-350 Smokes Ram 3500

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Ford truck’s PowerStroke engine is tuned for greater performance. Meanwhile, the Ram is seemingly stock. This should be good!

This week’s “Truckin’ Fast Wednesday” video features an 8th mile drag race between a 2016 Ford F-350 Super Duty and a 2016 Ram 3500. Both trucks are powered by their optional diesel engines and dual rear wheels. Really, these are as far from race trucks as they get, and their 8th mile times are slow compared to what we usually feature, but considering the beating handed out by the F-350 this was too good to pass up!

Before getting into the results of this dually duel, a quick bit of information on the trucks in action. Based on the video description, we know that the PowerStroke diesel engine in the F-350 has been tuned for greater performance. Meanwhile, judging by how poorly it performs, the Ram is seemingly stock.

Ford F-350

After a lengthy staging procedure between the two heavy haulers, the F-350 and the Ram 3500 both pull into the beams and the race begins. When the green light dropped, the F-350 jumped out to an immediate lead, and the Ford driver never looked back.

In the end, the Ford ran an 8.67 at 79.96 mph, while the Ram 3500 turned a balmy 10.16 at 68.8 mph. Sure, the Ford may have had an unfair advantage with the aftermarket tuner, but in the end, Truckin’ Fast Wednesday isn’t about fair races, it’s about watching Fords win.

Crank up your speakers to get the full effect and enjoy!

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Video via: [Tyler Honeycutt]

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