TRUCKIN’ FAST 2.3L Turbo Ranger Rocks the Quarter Mile

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turbo ranger

This week’s Truckin’ Fast video features what I believe to be the nastiest 4-cylinder Ford Ranger that I have ever seen.

This Ranger is packing a 2.3L Duratec engine, a Mazdaspeed forged crankshaft, high strength connecting rods and pistons, a Ford Racing head, Cosworth camshafts, a Precision 6765 turbo and all of the items needed to make all of these high performance parts work together.

The result is an early Ford Ranger that will run with any muscle car out there.

In this video, we see the turbo Ranger make a handful of runs with varying success, sometimes only showing us the burnout or the launch, but on the final run, we get to see this wicked compact pickup run in the low 11s even while toasting a head gasket. The Ranger runs 11.13 at just 105 mph as it chews up a Neon SRT4.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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