TRUCKIN’ FAST 1985 Ranger Rocks Down the 8th Mile

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1985 ranger race truck

The week’s Truckin’ Fast video features a wicked 1985 Ford Ranger pickup that has been transformed from a fuel efficient, compact pickup into a wicked drag truck that can hit a hundred on the short 8th mile track. There are no details included with the video, but based on the exterior badging, this 85 Ranger is powered by a 427 cubic inch engine. Also, based on the in-bed shot that we see late in the video, this Ranger is making a little extra power with the help of an NOS nitrous oxide system – which when combined with the lightweight Ranger makes for one quick little pickup.

The video shows this 1985 Ford Ranger making four runs, turning times of 6.83, 6.70, 6.91 and 6.70 with trap speeds of 102, 103, 100 and 102 miles per hour in the 8th mile. For those unfamiliar, a 6.70 run would roughly translate to a 10.56 quarter mile, so this Ranger is almost certainly a 10 second truck on the bigger track.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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