TRUCKED UP Vehicle Carrier Driver Miscalculates Bridge

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I’m not a truck driver, so it’s probably not fair for me to judge situations like this. But when I’m driving along and I come up to a bridge, that bridge is often marked by a sign showing how tall the opening is.

Despite this warning a truck driver in England is probably embarrassed, and possibly unemployed, after this accident involving some Ford Focuses.


According to the UK’s Metro, five Ford Focus cars were destroyed during the incident. Obviously.


A witness described the driver after the accident as, “The driver wasn’t hurt but he looked as white as a sheet, he was no doubt trying to think of how he was going to explain it to his bosses at Ford.”


Accidents like these are surprisingly commonplace. It happens in the town I live in all the time, and it’s often documented on YouTube.

Maybe Elon Musk is right about this whole “making it illegal to drive” concept?

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