TRUCKED UP Someone Had too Much St. Patrick’s Day Cheer and Decided to Drive

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St. Patricks Day F-150

The day after St. Patrick’s Day can be brutal for a lot of people, with all the nasty green beer and the hangovers and stuff. But most of you at least drank responsibly and had a ride home. What you’re witnessing here is someone who clearly didn’t drink responsibly, and his or her truck appeared to bring someone else’s car home with them.

Our friend Jesse sent this photo in of this F-150 parked in the reserved valet parking for a parking garage. While being parked in a no parking zone, the truck is also parked the way wrong way. But none of that is as important as the piece of another car hanging on the back!

Jesse isn’t sure what exactly happened, but it looks like at some point the driver backed into another car and when they drove away, pulled some of the other car with them. They don’t seem to have noticed, and we’re assuming didn’t stop and leave a note, but instead drove home and parked like this.

While it doesn’t appear to have damaged the truck much, someone is going to find their car in not good shape and are going to be pretty angry. If you’re going to go out drinking, please have someone else bring you home.┬áHeck, it’s pretty easy to get a free ride from Uber or Lyft these days, too.

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photo via [Jesse Garcia]

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