TRUCKED UP Hero Cuts Open His Own Truck to Rescue Cat

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As much as I love cars, and as much as I feel that they are really living breathing things with soul and personality, I would happily sacrifice any automotive machine to save the life of something with a pulse. A man in Florida by the name of Erran Frazier shares a kindred thought about such things and actually hacked open the side of his pickup truck to save a trapped kitten.

According to CNN, Frazier is reported to have noticed that his truck was meowing at him. After spending some time trying to find the source of the noise, he took a pair of metal sheers and began to hack open the bed of his truck to find the cat. After he located the cat in between the bed and framework, he called the local humane society. Frazier was unable to reach the kitten himself, so he drove slowly to the shelter to get some backup for rescuing this little kitten.


The truck is damaged, but no worse for wear, and the team at the humane society was able to rescue the kitten. The tiny kitten, guessed to be only eight weeks old, has been taken care of, named and now has a new home.

Since the story first broke, there has been an outpouring of support for Frazier and the humane society even set up a special fund to fix Frazier’s truck. Anyone can donate, and any extra money left over after repairs are made will be used to make an emergency fund for the shelter to use with helping other animals in the future.

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