TRUCKED UP: Ice Fishing Couple Barely Escapes Truck That Falls Through Ice

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falling through ice truck

Let’s preface this story by mentioning that no one was seriously hurt in this incident.

Okay, great, now we can more thoroughly enjoy making fun of this ice-fishing couple who barely escaped when the their truck fell through the ice.

Seems like they’re the ones who got caught. Ba dum dum.

The couple fell through the ice in the Boysen Reservoir in Wyoming. According to the Casper Star Tribune, “They were coming back from meeting some friends after dark. They drove into a pressure ridge. You can’t see hazards after dark.”

But isn’t the entire reservoir a hazard? It’s ice!

Well, if the couple didn’t realize the risks, they sure do now. Fortunately, after the truck went through the ice, the front end hit the bottom, which allowed the couple to kick their way out the back window before the truck filled with water and became completely submerged in the icy depths below. Which had to be a terrifying experience. And a cold one at that.

A cleanup crew pulled the truck from the reservoir using chainsaws, an A-frame, and winches.

The Star Tribune article notes that this is the first time this winter that a truck has gone through the reservoir ice, but it still appears to be a somewhat common occurrence. An off-road truck and “several other trucks and a camper” all found their way to the bottom of the reservoir in the “last few years.”

Seems like a pretty good reason not to drive on it then, don’t you think?

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Via [Casper Star Tribune]

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