TRUCKED UP! Check Out This Street-Legal Bedford Tiny Castle

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Tiny Castle 1

Those with keen knowledge of trucks, or access to Wikipedia, will know that Bedford was owned by Vauxhall, which is now a General Motors company. But that doesn’t stop us from appreciating this New Zealand couple’s fully street-legal tiny house on wheels, that they call a Tiny Castle.

So what is a tiny house? It’s part of an eco movement designed to save space, thus use less resources. In the case of this Tiny Castle, it has 400 sq-ft of ┬áliving space. Since it’s significantly smaller in size than a traditional house, a few solar panels are all that is needed to power the entire house.

What is really creative about this implementation is that it is designed to look like they’re living in a castle. And you know what? They pull off the look pretty well. There are towers and faux-stone walls.

Tiny Castle 2

Unlike a lot of tiny houses, the Tiny Castle is actually capable of being moved on a regular basis. The underlying truck runs, meets all New Zealand federal requirements for driving on the road, and folds up in a similar way to that of a motorhome.

I appreciate the freedom that this type of tiny house affords, but I’m just not sure if I could live in it all the time with someone else and a new baby. Also, if I were to build one, it’d be on top of a Ford truck.


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