TRUCKED UP TOYOTA Abandon Ship! Women and Dogs First!

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Off-roading is fun, but also challenging. For this Toyota driver, it proved to be extra challenging. While attempting to get his truck up and out of a river, the truck starts to float and tip over. What happens next is something you just have to see to believe!

Once realizing that the truck was in trouble, the woman riding along with him in the truck bails. The driver attempts to right the truck but it starts to tip the other way. Then starting right after 2:25 he realizes the truck is going to go full turtle and his dog needs to be saved.

He grabs the dog and chucks him into the river. Luckily everyone was okay. According to one of the people present, this isn’t the first time that the truck has flipped attempting to do what they are doing.

After landing in the water, the dog decides that it wants nothing to do with this crazy person any more and makes a beeline for the shore. I don’t blame it at all.

Maybe he should be using a Ford truck? Make a splash in the forum.>>

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