TRUCK YOU! Why We Love the Ranchero and Econoline

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There are certain rides that have a tendency to fall under the radar here on FTE. Most of the time this is just because these rigs aren’t as common as, say, a Ranger or a F-150. But that definitely doesn’t mean that these trucks are any less amazing than their more frequently seen brethren; in fact, we could even say that they are actually better, at least in terms of current value. The abstract rides we’ll be looking at today are owned by several members here on FTE, and they definitely aren’t an every day sight — I mean, really, how many people get a chance to spot an excellent Ranchero or Econoline when cruising in to work?

The first of the rides that we’ll the looking at — pictured above — is a 1966 Econoline that is owned by SterlingDrive, who clearly takes pride in this wonderful machine. He’s been tinkering with the Ford since last October and it had definitely come a long way! Having been garaged for 35 years, the ride has only 60,000 original miles on the odometer! SterlingDrive has done several things to the ride, and now the Econoline is a great weekend driver!


Though a bit unorthodox to look at, FTE member IDIoit is the proud owner of this 1963 Ranchero that is powered by a Power Stroke Diesel. Before anyone gets up in arms about what he has done to the ride, keep in mind that IDIoit had the choice to junk the rig or to put it on a new frame, so, in a way, he actually saved this Ranchero by making into such a… unique creation. We have to admit, it really isn’t like anything we’ve ever seen before!

This isn’t the first time that he has owned a Ranchero either. Before this creative endeavor he was the proud owner of a 1962 Ranchero, though it was definitely a far cry from this rig!


And then we come to WIREPULLER‘s 1961 E-100, and we honestly don’t know what to think. This van is slammed! We don’t know how he managed to get it onto his driveway, but that’s okay. Functionality is nowhere near as important as style, right? And this is a ride that would turn heads on any road! The E-100 looks great, and we wouldn’t change a thing about it!

Go check out the rides that other Ranchero and Econoline enthusiasts own here on the forum!

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