TRUCK YOU! The Best Garages of 2015

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FTE Build 3

2015 has been a busy year. From the introduction of Windows 10 to the Volkswagen emissions scandal and all the way to the controversy over the Syrian refugees, there hasn’t been a whole lot of rest over the last twelve months. Many major stories, both positive and negative, flooded the headlines. At the very least, we can say that, as this year concludes, it has certainly been interesting.

The same is true here on FTE. In fact, we would say that the year has been great! So now it’s time that we stepped back and took a look at our top three garages featured on TRUCK YOU throughout 2015, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride!

FTE Build 4

Coming in third in out end of the year roundup is the garage belonging to Jeff, also known by his username mechmagcn. The proud owner of a “1953 Ford F-100 with Some Color,” he has been working on his one-of-a-kind rig since May 2003. He finally managed to get the classic beauty back on the road in May 2008, and has been cruising through the streets ever since.

The Ford is titled “Someday,” which is a very fitting title for this always-evolving ride. Powered by 1981 Mercedes-Benz five cylinder turbo diesel and sporting a vast array of other parts, this ride is certainly a bit of a Frankenstein. Even so, this long-term project is one that deserves some credit. After all, one doesn’t spend twelve years working on a vehicle for nothing!


Coming in second as 2015 comes to a close is the garage belonging to economan. His ride is a “1958 Mercury M-100 Panel Truck with Nine Lives.” This extraordinary vehicle has been through so much in its fifty-seven (going on fifty-eight!) years on the road, having sported many looks from the “high school cruiser” to two-tone classic before becoming the bright orange panel rig that it is today.

Each incarnation of the ride seemed to be an entirely different truck, which might be one of the reasons we loved it so much. The old photographs of the ride don’t hurt either, and the history makes us smile. But, really, who doesn’t love a clean and cared for classic?


Snagging first place is the garage belonging to Sam, who is also known by his username sdetweil. Featured back in August for his “Mean, Green 1955 Ford F-100,” his old school rig quickly became a favorite. This ride is a resto-mod that now puts out 435 horsepower and lays down 492 foot-pounds of torque. If the numbers alone aren’t impressive, then we don’t know what is!

This highly-modified machine looks amazing, and we’re sure it steals the spotlight at many shows! Modernizing such an outstanding ’50s icon while still managing to stay true to its roots isn’t an easy task, but Sam seems to have done it well. This is one hard ride to beat, but the challenge is on for 2016!

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