TRUCK YOU! A Brand New 1996 F-250

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Here on FTE we tend to bring up all the work that people have done to either repair or improve upon their rides. This has nothing to do with Ford trucks being unreliable (which is far from the truth!), but rather that any ride requires a bit of attention now and then in order to keep it in perfect order. However, sometimes there are rides that are so new that they really don’t require any attention at all. In today’s feature we’ll step into the garage of FTE member jhopkinson and take a closer look at his close-to-new ride that lies within!


Jhopkinson’s relatively new rig is a 1996 F-250, and before anyone gets up in arms about us referring to the older truck in this way give us a moment to explain. Though the Ford itself is 19 years old, the odometer only has 27,000 miles on the clock. That’s less than 1,500 miles a year! And jhopkinson isn’t working to put much more on the ride either, since he only uses it for hauling and working on projects on his property.


It really is impressive that jhopkinson even managed to find an older ride like this with so few miles on the clock, and it sounds like this ‘90s beauty will last a long time yet! Go stop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week on TRUCK YOU!

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