TRUCK YOU! A 2001 Excursion and a 1971 Chevelle in the Garage

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Ford trucks are wonderful things. To go into all the reasons that this is true would take much to long for this feature, but we will mention that they are well-built, wonderful at hauling, and are highly modifiable.

Despite these wonders, however, owning a Ford truck may not quench the vehicle thirst that many people have. After all, how can there not be a truck, or car, out there that someone doesn’t long for?

FTE member Krazee Matt is the proud owner of a 2001 Ford Excursion as well as another beauty: A 1971 Chevelle. Today we’ll step into his garage and take a look at his marvelous rides!


We’ll do you the favor of saving the best for last, so thus we’ll talk about Matt’s 1971 Chevelle first. As he himself puts it, this ride is “under the knife, again” and is currently undergoing a motor swap.

When complete the old school muscle car will have a built and forged 513 cubic inch powerhouse, with a goal of generating between 730 and 770 rear wheel horsepower. The Chevelle will also be given a built manual VB 4L80 transmission!


But while you may very well care about this beautiful classic, we won’t bore you any longer with the bowtie-mobile. Instead, we’ll move on to Matt’s 2001 Excursion!

This ride is a 7.3L Limited 4X4, and is equipped with a 4” turbo-back exhaust with 5” tips, a Gearhead 6 position chip, a Riffraff Fuel Rail Crossover, a Riffraff High Pressure Crossover, tri-pillar gauges, and much more!

Though we don’t know the specific numbers for this turbocharged Ford rig, we assume them to be fairly impressive. After all, this is a Ford we’re talking about!


Matt has done a great job with both of the rides he owns, and is has been a pleasure to step into his garage and take a closer look at them!

Go check out his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week!

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