TRUCK YOU! A 1967 Ford F-250 and a 1979 F-150 in South Dakota

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It should come as no surprise that Ford trucks are relied upon in South Dakota. After all, they’re wonderful everywhere in the country, but when snow and rough terrain are present they become a rather dire necessity. We’re sure that FTE member Rob (A.K.A. “cowboywanabe”) would agree with this, considering that he is the leader of the South Dakota Chapter. And his garage certainly testifies to this fact — and today we’ll get to take a closer look at the two rigs that lie within!

Now, we’ll acknowledge that not all of South Dakota consists of rough terrain. After all, a large portion of the state is simply plains. Regardless, off-roading anywhere or driving with the presence of snow constitutes plenty for the need of a Ford truck. And, despite its lack of modifications, Rob’s all-original 1967 F-250, dubbed “Old Blue,” certainly does the trick!

With a 352 V8 under the hood and a manual transmission, this blue-and-white beauty seemed to be a true American ride worth envying. After all, these classics are getting harder and harder to find every year! Not all trucks out there can even manage to survive nearly fifty years!


Of course, where there is a daily driver there also ought to be the toy, right? In fact, this truck isn’t just a toy to Rob. This 1979 F-150 is his dream truck, which became a reality to him in 2008. With a rebuilt 400 cubic inch engine, an Edelbrock intake, header, a dual Flowmaster exhaust, 15” American Racing Outlaw II rims, and more, it’s hard not to see why. In the future Rob hopes to add a new front bumper with integrated fog lamps and a billet grille.



It’s always great to see some classic Ford rigs in a garage where they’re appreciated, and it couldn’t get much better than an amazing ‘67 and a well cared for ‘79 sitting side by side! Go stop by Rob’s garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured on next week’s TRUCK YOU!

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