TRUCK YOU! 1950 Ford F2 Rolling Strong 65 Years Later

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It doesn’t take much to appreciate old school Ford trucks. Or it shouldn’t, anyway. After all, they are where the trucks of today began and are still, though arguably, some of the neatest rides around.

That’s not even mentioning how rare they are nowadays, which is why we’re glad that in today’s TRUCK YOU feature we get to show you a beautiful classic that is owned by none other than FTE member Pete (A.K.A. “petemcl“).

So step inside his garage with us and we’ll take a closer look at the ride within — a 1950 F2!


Despite his ride being a glorious classic, this antique beauty has actually been modified significantly through it’s 65 year lifespan. Pete bought the rig on October 15th, 2011 and most of the modifications had already been done beforehand. The F2 still has the original flathead V8 and 4 speed transmission. He suspects that the wheelbase may also have been shortened at some point in the truck’s long life.

As it sits now, the ride has Posie’s Dual Flex springs in the front with Bilstein gas shocks, Posie’s Supper Sliders springs in the rear, a Toyots power steering box, an F1 box has been welded to the frame, short cab-chassis running boards have been added, and more.

Not everything that previous owners have done sit well with Pete, but the truck is still solid and we’re looking forward to see where it goes from here!


In the future Pete hopes to lengthen the wheelbase to 114″, remove the box and remount it properly, add full-length running boards, put in the correct bed floor, and fix some rust spots under the cab. He would also eventually like to paint the entire truck, which is a given!


Go stop by Pete’s garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week on TRUCK YOU!

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