TRUCK YEAH! Check Out This Awesome 1955 Ford C-750

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1955 Ford C750

While Ford is moving quickly ahead with technology and design, it’s important to take a look back to what they were. It’s important to do so to appreciate how far they’ve come, but to also look back at a time when things were different and design wasn’t dictated by the wind tunnel, the EPA, or the NHTSA. Here we have an example of an awesome truck from another time; the 1955 Ford C-750 medium-duty truck!

Owned by Bob Zimmer of Ada, Ohio, the C-750 was Ford’s medium-duty truck of the time. What made it cool was its cab-over-engine (COE) design, giving it the look and shape of a helmet. It was built using many parts from the Ford F-Series pickup truck, but was designed to do the heavy lifting.

At the time the truck was discontinued, it was the longest produced commercial truck in North America, going nearly unchanged for 33 years. The C-750 trucks were often used as delivery trucks and by the fire department.

I would love to have a truck like this in my garage, with a few tasteful changes (mainly in the braking department), and use it as a daily driver. Trucks of this era were just plain cool.

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