TRUCK YOU! A Wonderfully Ford-Filled Garage in Oregon

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FTE Truck You SuperCab

Even for a die-hard Ford enthusiast, it is often hard to own everything your love. Some people manage to get their hands on two or three of their most desired trucks (or cars!), but it is very difficult to maintain and drive so many for one person.

This often leads to the enthusiast often owning one daily driver and another weekend car. Even so, some people out there have managed to effectively maintain the balancing act of owning many different Ford beauties, and FTE member Dr. Johnson is one of these people

Today we’ll step into his garage and take a look at some of the various different rides he has!

FTE Truck You Galaxie

The first of his many Ford rigs and rides is a 1964 Ford Galaxie. The classic is a two door hardtop with a 390 engine and C6 transmissions.

This was Dr. Johnson’s ride through high school, and it blew up two engines in the time he owned it. He sold it in the early 2000s — only to buy it back ten years later!

The Galaxie now has Centerline polished wheels, some bolt-on modifications, and many improvements in the works!

FTE Truck You Van

But Dr. Johnson is not just a fan of the classics! He also has a 2001 E350 Club Wagon with a Quigley conversion.

The van has four wheel drive, a four inch turbo-back Diamond Eye exhaust, 16” Raceline Raptor wheels, leather seats, and an ever-changing custom off-road rack on top.

Soon Dr.Johnson will also be putting baja lights on the rack, custom front and rear bumpers, a new intake system, and much more!

FTE Truck You Powerstroke

Of course, he does have some actual Ford trucks in his garage as well! One of them is a 1997 F-350 4×4 Powerstroke. Just like most of his other rides, this rig isn’t stock. The Ford has a 3” MBRP downpipe, a 3.5” straight pipe, and an AFE Stage II intake system!

In addition to these three glorious Fords, Dr. Johnson also has a 1967 Fairline, a 1970 Maverick, and even a few more stored away for his enjoyment.

Stop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week!

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