Raptor Pulls Semi in the Snow & Saves the Day

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raptor pulls semi

This Week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a previous generation Ford SVT Raptor F-150 coming to the rescue of a big rig stuck in the snow. There is no backstory with this video, but we can see that there is some deep snow near an intersection with enough of a uphill grade that the tractor trailer has gotten stuck. Fortunately, one of the most capable off-road trucks of all time came along, and the traits that make the Raptor a beast off-road allowed it to move the big truck and trailer into safer footing.

When the video begins, the Raptor F-150 has just gotten hooked up to the big rig and at first, the SVT pickup just seems to be sliding around. However, as the Raptor finds some traction, the 411 hp 6.2L V8 generates enough forward force to get the tractor trailer moving forward. After a few seconds of pulling, the F-150 has gotten the big truck up onto the road and out of the way.

What cant the Raptor do?



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