TRUCK PULLIN’ F-450 Makes Short Work of the Pulling Sled

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f450 pulling 600

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a modified Ford F-450 in action while hooked to the big sled. This big Ford truck is making big power thanks to intake and exhaust mods with a custom race tune pulling them all together, but this truck is running stock injectors and stock turbos.

When the pull begins, the F-450 seems to spin a little coming off of the line, but with some careful adjustments to the throttle, the PowerStroke diesel is putting the power down to all six wheels – allowing this Super Duty to quickly get from one end of the course to the other.

As this Ford F-450 blasts past the camera, we can see that this truck really doesn’t look that far from stock, with the exception of the stack sticking up through the middle of the bed against the cab. Other than that, this doesn’t look different from any other newer F-450, yet it still makes very short work of this pulling sled. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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