TRUCK PULLIN’ Ford F-350 Dually Flexin Its Muscle

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f350 dually pulling

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a Ford F-350 Super Duty Dually powered by the PowerStroke diesel engine in action at the Evergreen State Fair.

We don’t get any information on this F-350, but from the smoke pouring from the exhaust it is very clear that this truck has a PowerStroke diesel and I would bet that it isn’t stock. Regardless of the mod list, this F-350 Super Duty pulls like a champ, and thanks to the high tech sled with the readout on top, we can see how far the truck has pulled the heavy trailer.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the final readout when the -F350 comes to a stop, but based on the white pole at the end of the track – it looks as though this big diesel Ford got very near the end of the course. Best of all, this video shows this big, bad F-350 in two different runs so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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