TRUCK PULLIN’ F-350 Owner Making His First Pull

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This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a Ford F-350 powered by a 6.0L PowerStroke diesel being piloted by a driver making his or her first ever sled pull. There is no information on this F-350, but considering that this run was part of the 2006 Diesel Power Magazine Diesel Power Challenger, I would guess that this truck has at least some modifications to make pulling this heavy sled down the loose dirt course…especially considering the puff of black soot right before the run gets underway.

The downside to this Ford F-350 pulling video is the video quality, which starts off shaky enough to give a man motion sickness and while the shakes wear off before the run begins, we cannot see where the F-350 stops relative to the end marker, so there is no way of telling how well this Ford did in the competition. However, this is a good, strong pull by a PowerStroke’d diesel so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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