TRUCK PULLIN’ F-250 Uses PowerStroke Power to Save a Chevy

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s250 saves chevy

This week’s Truck Pullin’ Monday video features a Ford F-250 pickup attempting to pull a stuck Chevy Silverado out of mud that is deep enough to engulf the front end of the truck.

We don’t know anything about either of these trucks, but it is obvious that the F-250 is packing a PowerStroke diesel engine and fairly significant suspension mods as well as aftermarket rims and big, beefy tires.

When the video first begins, the high riding F-250 is having a tough time pulling the Chevy out of the mess and the Ford is really just digging itself down into the mud.

After the Ford moves back and pulls onto better footing, which allows it to get a better pull on the Silverado. At first, it pulls the Chevy sideways into more deep water but in the end, the F-250 saves the day.

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