TRUCK PULLIN’ Modded Ford Super Duty Breaks the Hitch

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power stroke breaks hitch

This week’s Truck Pullin’ video features a newer Ford Super Duty pickup with a long list of modifications taking on the big pulling sled. The 6.7L PowerStroke engine has been fitted with a Precision 6466 Turbo Kit, a Midwest Diesel and Auto 6r140 Transmission and some suspension upgrades to make this truck more capable of pulling a heavy load. However, it does not seem as though he upgraded his hitch assembly.

When the run begins, the big Ford quickly gets away from the line as the turbocharged diesel engine hardly breaks a sweat. The run appears to be going great and the weight was about halfway through its travels when it suddenly disconnected from the truck. According to the announced, the hitch pin broke – leading to a failed run for the big Ford.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this display of big Ford torque.


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