TRUCK PULL Ford F-250 Pulls to Win in the Mud

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f250 pulling to win

This week’s Truck Pull video features an older Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup participating in a pulling competition at Yankee Lake in Brookfield, Ohio back in 2012.

No useful information is provided on the F-250 pickup in action here, but we know a few things from the video details.

First, the track was particularly muddy during this competition and that had a big impact on the performance of the trucks and two, this F-250 won its class by an impressive margin with a slow and steady approach.

This F-250 starts off in the distance, slowly working its way towards the camera at a surprisingly slow crawl due to the sloppy footing.

While the PowerStroke diesel helps this Ford pickup pick up some speed in the middle of the run, by the time the F-250 reaches the cameraman, momentum has been lost and the run sputters to a stop.

In the end, this Ford F-250 was able to pull the sled 183 feet and while that is much shorter than many of our featured pulling videos, that distance in these conditions were enough to beat the second place truck by more than 83 feet – as the runner up fell short of 100 feet on his or her run.

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