TRUCK YOU! A Powerful 2011 F-350 from Montana

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2011 Ford F-350

There are many reasons to own a F-350. I mean, they’re big, mean Fords with a ton of pulling power. Not to mention that they have a loud and proud roar and a truly wonderful look. Ford truck enthusiast Sailor_Roy grew up as a Navy brat before joining the Navy himself and becoming a sailor.

Now retired, he makes his home in Montana where he enjoyed fishing, sailing, and taking his F-350 out with him when he goes camping. He certainly loves his F-350, and today we get to step inside his garage and take a look at it for ourselves!

2011 Ford F-350

Montana definitely has a whirlwind of different types of weather that comes through the area. After all, the state borders good ol’ Canada, the land of freezing temperatures. So it becomes obvious why owning anything but a Ford would certainly be a disgrace (come on, what else could plow through all of that snow without any trouble?).

The rig is powered by a 6.7L V8 diesel engine and is equipped with an automatic transmission. Oh, and did we mention that it was turbocharged?

2011 Ford F-350

When it comes to trucks, it’s hard to hope for much more than a hardy Ford. Still, it’s common to want to add more to the trustworthy truck to make it more enjoyable.

Roy has already added a B&W Gooseneck hitch and a fifth wheel hitch, but he still has some future plans for his F-350. He plans to add smoked Recon Cab clearance lights, a Recon tailgate 60″ light bar with sequential turn signals, and an Access Tonneau Cover.

2011 Ford F-350

Overall, Roy definitely has an amazing truck that meets his needs and even goes far beyond. The rig is clearly in good hands and we can’t wait for him to modify it further!

Go drop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time! Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week!

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