TRUCK IT UP F-150 Crash Test & Safety Ratings

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There is no doubt the F-150 is one tough truck. I have experienced this first hand having owned two F-150s (1986 and 2001) and never did I have to put a windshield in one. Incidentally, I four-wheeled the 1986 to a point where I cracked the frame in half yet I sold it with the original windshield still intact. If you don’t believe Ford builds a tough truck, watch the movie Mr. Majestic with Charles Bronson.

Toughness may speak for structural integrity that protects the vehicle however protecting the occupants has become a high tech feature that is designed into the vehicle. Technology is nothing without a method to evaluate its performance. Fortunately for the consumer, there are crash test results available.

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In an effort to evaluate vehicle crash performance, two agencies have emerged, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Each is different in their affiliation, method of testing, and rating system. By having both government and private testing available vehicles are held to standards that provide value to the consumer in terms of passenger safety.

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