Truck Ice Skating Will Cure Your Winter Blues

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Winter sucks. That’s a reality those of us in the snow belt know all too well. Winter means lots of shoveling, staying indoors, and trying to keep salt from eating our Ford trucks inside out. That being said, winter can also be fun if you know how to drive in it!

Slippery roads are a nightmare for most folks, but for others, that inevitable loss of traction is a perfect opportunity for shenanigans. That’s exactly why these two Ford truck drivers from central Oregon seem to be thoroughly enjoying their winter season.

While most folks do their best to avoid losing traction on icy roads, these guys go out of their way to slide. And I think that they’re onto something here! We all enjoy a little bit of winter hooning, but truck ice skating could be the next big thing. Don’t you think?

Just imagine the possibilities. In a controlled environment (not on public roads and parking lots, obviously), this is a sport that truck enthusiasts would love to watch. Much like regular ice skating, truck ice skating could be scored based on style points.

The best thing is, there wouldn’t be a bunch of dudes skating around in sparkly outfits. Instead of slow and boring music, you could play some classic rock. No spectators will be drinking sparkling water, either – only beer. It has all the makings of a legitimate sport that could draw some big ratings.

But for now, we’ll just have to settle for a short YouTube video by Johnson’s Ge-rage. And just remember – if you decide to get out there and give truck ice skating a go, don’t do it in a gas station parking lot. Nothing will bring your fun times to a halt quicker than running into somebody’s car. Or into somebody who was just trying to grab a late-night bag of beef jerky!

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