TRUCK YOU! 1978 F-150 and 1976 F-250 Classics in the Garage

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'76 F-250 and '78 F-150

VaFordman26 is a fan of classic Ford trucks, as many of us are here on FTE. And who could blame him? Ford trucks may simply be amazing in and of themselves, but when you throw their history and past into the mix they become even more enthralling.

So today we’re going to look at two rigs that could be considered great grandparents to the brand new 2015 Ford trucks — the 1978 F-150 and 1976 F-250 that make their home in VaFordman26’s garage!

1978 F-150 Short Bed

The 1978 F-150 is  4×4 with a short bed, a 351m C6 transmission, and is a wonderful example of a classic Ford. The rig is painted white and the chrome seems to shine like it’s new.

Oftentimes in TRUCK YOU! we focus on trucks that have been modified from their stock origins and turned into loud and mean beasts.

Of course, that isn’t always best, as VaFordman26’s garage certainly shows. Sometimes it is just nice to have a breath of fresh air and see something authentic and amazing — no extras needed.

1976 F-250 Highboy

VaFordman26 also has an amazing 1976 F-250 Highboy in his garage,and though the paint on this one might not look as nice, this is most definitely a solid Ford through and through.

The rig has a 410 V8 under the hood and a four speed transmission. Not only is this truck Ford tough, but we’re sure it’s also very loud and proud!

1978 F-150 Short Bed

Whether or not you prefer modified or stock, these trucks are certainly a joy to see on the road. And let’s be honest: Anyone who is willing to bring one of these old icons back to life has the right to do with it what they wish, whether that means keeping it bone stock or making it into a lean, death machine is truly the owner’s choice.

So send a thank you out to VaFordman26 and any other owner of a classic ride, because the numbers grow smaller and smaller every year. Go check out his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time!

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