TRUCK YOU! A 1990 F-150 Sleeper in the Garage!

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Some people may shy away from the idea of pouring a ton of money into a vehicle not worth even close to that much.

After all, many people see it as a better idea to get a vehicle that’s worth more and better equipped for the upgrades in order to begin working on it.

Even so, there are some amazing cars and trucks on the road that are desperately cheap but have been loaded down with power and modifications. These are called “sleepers.”

FTE member CaptainJack_7 has decided to do this very thing with 1990 F-150 4X4, and we support him all the way. Today we’ll take a look in his garage and look a little closer at his to-be hotrod in the making!


Some might say that CaptainJack_7 is in over his head, but really his endeavor is not that strange. There are plenty of basic Ford trucks out there that have been taken and made into amazing street (and street race) material.

So taking a 1990 4X4 and making it into a beast faster than your basic sports car? It might take time, effort, and money, but it will be well worth it.

At the moment CaptainJack_7’s plan with the truck is to throw out his old 302 motor and throw in a crate motor said to put out about 475 horsepower.

He will also be installing a new clutch to go with his 5-speed transmission, and in the future intends to add a 150 shot of Nitrous Oxide.


Despite the fact that CaptainJack_7’s truck is already quite great, we’re very interested to see where his plans go.

Feel free to check out his plans even further. Go stop by his garage and leave some comments, browse the photography, and have a good time!

Be sure to keep your garage up to date and maybe you’ll be featured next week!

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