A Tree Fell On This Guy’s Ranger, and He’s Still Shaming Potential Buyers

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Hoooo boy, Craigslist really knows how to bring out the jokers. Typically, when somebody is defending an asking price in a one-sided advertisement, it’s because a car is a gem, and it actually¬†deserves the reasonable asking price. Not the case here, where somebody in Austin is selling a Ranger that has taken the brute force of a tree falling on it. The price is $3,400. Here’s a clip:

“This truck is worth $8000 repaired so my asking price is more than fair for someone to get a killer deal. I don’t need any of the craigslist ignorance though I’m sure it’ll still come.”

NONE OF THAT CRAIGSLIST IGNORANCE. Never mind the fact that putting that sentence in a listing like this is Craigslist ignorance at its finest. But let’s look at what you really could get for that $3,400. Maybe you could even get it closer to $3,000.

The truck still works. It has 68,000 miles on it. If you live in a warm-weather place, the whole no-roof thing wouldn’t really matter, you just have a breezy pickup. Is that worth $3,000? Ehhhhh, it still had a tree land on it. You could just pay a little more for a one-owner¬†with higher mileage that hasn’t lost to nature.

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