Traxxas Off-Road RC Pickup Goes Full on Jesus and Walks on Water

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We’ve all seen the Top Gear videos, or the countless other YouTube videos of full size cars driving across the surface of the water. This is usually going down in some Scandinavian country that exports a lot of vodka and has more time on their hands than to know what to do with. However, the videos that come out of it are absolutely astonishing.

The cars in question tend to have mountains of horsepower, and big tires with paddles cut into them. These two combine to allow these full size cars to do the impossible. But what if you had something with less surface tension? Could you drive an RC car in the same fashion? Well, the people behind the Traxxas off-road RC cars decided it was time to find out and brought a whole bunch of cameras with them to see what could and couldn’t be done.

I’ll leave you with this. The slo-mo in this video is super rad, you’re going to love it. Only downside is that you’ll now really want one of these trucks, and they can get a bit pricey. Take a look.

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