Trailer-Equipped Sway Control versus Truck-Equipped Sway Control

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Ford Super Duty Towing and Swaying on Drag Strip

Manuel Carillo III
F150 Online

Here’s a look at something that impacts our safety: trailer sway control. Vehicle stability control systems have come a long way, and now that they are on pickup trucks, they have the task of controlling trailer sway as well as vehicle stability while towing.

How far can the truck’s stability control system go toward controlling the trailer? We find out in the video below. The video also looks at how a trailer can control sway on its own with the new $250 Tuson trailer sway control system that monitors trailer yaw and applies braking to the appropriate side of the trailer to keep it stable — think of it as an electronic stability control system for the trailer, and see how effective it works by hitting the play button below.

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