Towing Wars: The Heavy-Duty Big 3 Are at It Again!

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Heavy-duty truck manufacturers like Ford, Ram, and Chevy have very clever ways of testing towing capacity. Whether it be old-school methods like hauling heavy loads through different road scenarios, or the use of complicated devices like the mobile dynamometer sled, they’re all designed to push a truck to its breaking point. Then and only then will engineers know what the limit is, and how far they can advice customers to push their machines.

Then, there is us — the media. When we get our hands on test trucks, or as we call them, “press vehicles,” we often like to revisit the manufacturer’s claims and see how true (or false) they are. That’s exactly the case of this video by The Fast Lane Truck, who recently took the “Big 3” to the Ike Gaunlet, otherwise known as the “world’s toughest towing test.”3


The Ford Super Duty dually, the Chevy Silverado HD, and the Ram HD will be towing a heavy-duty Big-Tex trailer loaded with construction equipment totaling 22,800 pounds. Now, you may be wondering why not 30,000 pounds, which is the towing capacity for the Ford and the Ram? Well, as usual, the Chevy boys spoiled the test by giving the Silverado a 23,000 pound towing capacity. Does that mean the Chevy truck lost the challenge before it even started?

Watch this heavy-duty test and let us know what you think!

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