Tow-Off! 7.3L Super Duty vs 6.4L Super Duty

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*ding ding ding*

Tonight! For your entertainment, we have a battle of super proportions. A duel between two titans of work. A tussle for the title of best tow-truck!

In the black corner, standing tall is the 7.3-liter Super Duty. You can tell he’s got the upper hand here by the size of his truck. That extra height is going to pay dividends when the towing starts. If that 6.4 isn’t careful, it’ll get pulled like taffy.

In theĀ other black corner is the 6.4-liter Super Duty. He might be the smaller truck of the two, but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong. The 6.4-liter made more power and more torque than the 7.3 ever had. Will that be enough to show the 7.3-liter who’s boss? Find out in the tow battle below!

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