Toughest Triker in the World Rides Biggest Trike Ever

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The words “truck” and “trike” may sound sound a lot alike, but they are very different. A truck, especially a Ford one, is tough. A trike, regardless of make, is usually not.

Well, apparently this farmer had enough of that old world way of thinking, so he went ahead and built the “Biggest Tricycle On Earth….!!!!”¬†And now he’s the toughest triker around.

That title, “Biggest,” is according to S. Saint, a seemingly professional Facebooker who shared this astounding video on February 27:

Farmer Builds Biggest Tricycle On Earth…!!! Credit: ViralHog

Posted by S. Saint on Saturday, February 27, 2016


It’s a barefoot farmer on a giant trike, so yeah, the video caught like wildfire, with over 12-million views and counting. I’ve watched it 12 times on my own.

But even though the trike looks tough, does that mean it is? It’s certainly hard to tell from the footage provided. So, like an Internet sleuth, I did a little digging. In doing so, I discovered the well-watched video below from 2011, which I believe features the same farmer on the same big trike, or as this video refers to it: “tricolo gigante do boby.”

For the first three minutes, you really don’t see anything more exciting than Farmer Boby driving his giant trike up and down a rural highway. But at the 2:45 mark, Farmer Boby charges this baby over some pretty out of control shrubbery. And then as an exclamation point, he dismounts the toughest trike in the world in the toughest way possible: right through the handle bars, onto the shocks, into a big jump off the front tire. Sure, he almost bites it on the landing, but Farmer Boby pulls it off, as smoothly as he pulls off the title, “Toughest Triker in the World.”

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Via [S. Saint]

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