All-New Top Gear America Pays Homage to the Ford Truck

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A tale of hard work, a flying Ford Raptor, and good ‘ole America cap off the first episode of the revamped TV show.

The BBC is riding the hype train for the new Top Gear America series hard. We recently watched the first episode, but we can’t yet say if this new iteration of the world’s biggest car TV show will stand the test of time or not. What we can say is that they gave us an entire clip about hard work in America and the Ford pickup truck.

From a quick roll in an old F-Series pickup to flying in a Ford Raptor, this quick clip grabbed our attention right away. The new host, Bill Fichtner gives us a solid overview of the truck, covering all the major details about what makes the Raptor so special. Needless to say, we fully agree.

Overall the episode feels a bit rough and unpolished, but it goes without saying that it’s the first of the series, and the content was still good. We look forward to watching the remainder of the episodes and hopefully more Ford truck goodness!

Enjoy the clip!

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