NSFW: Top Chevy Tug of War Fails (Against Ford)

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Tug of war is a game of strength, and a quick YouTube search will show that many people are putting the Chevy up against the Ford.

Here we have spotted the top Chevy fails when going against the Ford. These can only be described as people doing dumb things, but the results are ridiculously funny.

From the least ridiculous to the most, here are the top four Chevy tug of war fails on YouTube.


1. The Little Engine That Didn’t Stop Trying

Who wishes to be defeated? Well, this Chevy most certainly didn’t. The Ford didn’t even have to lift a finger, as the video shows the poor Chevy didn’t have a chance. Even after seeing a clear winner, the Chevy driver continued (and failed) to pick up what he had of his pride. Ed, buddy, you tried.


2. Eating Your Words

There is a sense of satisfaction when a loud talker ends up eating her/his words. That is certainly the case here. The Chevy owner thought he could own the Ford. Clearly not! Not only did the Chevy not pull the Ford, but the Ford took it for a ride around the parking lot.


3. Taking a Stroll

This Ford decided the Chevy needed a stroll off the beaten path. The video shows the Ford winning on the concrete path as well as on the grass. There is nothing more embarrassing than getting dragged around. This Chevy learned the hard way.


4. Parts Not Included

Nothing could possibly show a clearer winner than a Chevy breaking down. This video shows that the strength of a Ford can’t be contained, as it takes the Chevy right off of its wheels. It was most certainly a close call since the beginning shows the Chevy beginning to pull the Ford. But, Adam’s Ford proved to be the winner.

Got any more Chevy fails?  Comment and link to them below!

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