Top 5 Ford Truck Commercials of All-Time

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Or at Least the Top 5 Commercials of All the One’s I Found on YouTube
by Adam Pockross

Ford not only makes the best trucks around, they also make the best truck commercials. I’m talking about commercials that stand the test of time and make you proud to be a Ford Truck owner. Obviously, it’s difficult to make a definitive list, and I’m sure some of you will be upset that some of your favorites have been left off. But you know what? Dennis Leary annoys me, and that’s what forums are for anyways. So after you click through these gems, head over to the forums and let us know what we forgot.

So without further ado, we begin with …

# 5: Ford Risks Electric Shock to Show Off Latest Technology

First of all, this seems like a scenario for JackA$$ more than a stunt for a car commercial. Secondly, who thought this was the best way to show off Ford’s Twin I-Beam Front Suspension? Not that it doesn’t prove the point, it’s just really creative, and we need this person working on developing flying trucks instead of writing commercials. And as if that’s not enough to merit placement on such a prestigious list as this, look no further than the hearty thumbs-up given by the driver at the end. That’s just classic awesome.

Watch the commercial below, then click here for #4: What the Heck is Freewheeling TNT?

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