Tonneau Cover Options for Your Ford Truck

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Incorporating Tonneau covers for your Ford truck is a stylish way to give your truck a facelift, while at the same time adding some extra security for items stored in the truck’s bed. Tonneau covers are available in several styles, and they provide functional benefits as well as good looks. The Tonneau cover can be constructed from either rigid or soft material. It was originally developed to protect the empty passenger seats in convertible vehicles, and to protect and secure pickup truck beds.

Rigid covers typically employ a hinge-system or a folding mechanism in order to open the cover and expose the truck’s bed and cargo. Hinge-system covers use gas-filled shocks to lift the cover from the bed, and hold it open for easy loading and unloading. This system employs hidden latches located at the truck’s tailgate, which can be operated while opening the tailgate. Folding type covers come in three sections that are internally linked together. The sections can be folded onto each other until the bed area is fully exposed. The stacked sections have a fastening system located near the cab that secures the cover in its open position when not being used. Like the hinged covers, the folding covers latch at the vehicle’s tailgate for easy access. 

Tonneau covers made from soft material require the user to roll them up in order to expose the truck’s bed. There are three basic choices for fastening these. The first is an industrial grade hook and loop material similar to Velcro, the next incorporates a heavy-duty snap system to fasten the cover to the truck, and the last choice employs a tongue and groove mechanism (peel and seal) that allows quick accesses to the bed area.

With the condition of the economy, purchasing the best cover for your Ford truck is a matter of cost, and the type of cover desired. Incorporating a  Tonneau cover ensures the bed is protected from the elements, and will remain free from dirt, debris, and roaming pests. Additionally, Tonneau covers offer an increased level of security by protecting your cargo from passers-by and thieves. Tonneau covers can also add extra flare to your truck by giving it a streamline look. However, do not mistake this for improved aerodynamics. Tonneau covers will only provide minimal increases in MPG, but that occurs at speeds over 65mph.

The best Tonneau cover depends upon what specific requirement you have. If the truck is used to carry tools and equipment, and requires continual easy access, then a rigid cover with a hinge mechanism would be the best. Rigid covers can be locked into place; they offer the best security and easy access to the truck’s bed. If you are just looking for a touch of style, but want to protect the bed from debris and vermin, then a soft Tonneau cover would suit your needs.

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