TONKA T-Rex Ford F-250: The Big Boy’s Ultimate Sand Box Toy

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I recently got the chance to drive the TONKA T-Rex Ford F-250 at Big Sky Movie Ranch. In other words, I got to test out a life-size TONKA Truck on the same site that where they filmed Gunsmoke. If that seems as awesome as you think it is, it’s because it is … and then some.

You see, the TONKA T-Rex isn’t just some lifted F-250 with a TONKA wrap. Remember the carefree days of your youth, when spending hours in the sandbox with your pals and laughing all day long until you were hoarse was just the standard way of life? Back when there were no limits to imagination? Well, the TONKA T-Rex takes the limitlessness of childhood fun and blasts it through the Super Duty’s DNA like a Chernobyl blast … except this Chernobyl blast makes everything better.

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The shock wave of awesome begins with the exterior. I mean, look at it. I just want to shrink it down, put it in my hand, take it to the nearest sand box, get on all fours and push it around while making diesel sounds with my mouth. It looks terrific. Once I’m done being five, then I’ll enlarge it back to 1:1 scale, cease making diesel sounds with my mouth, and turn the key to fire up the Banks Power 6.4-liter Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel. To satisfy kids like me who refuse to grow up, the methanol-injected mill can produce up to 700 horsepower, and 1,000 lb-ft of torque. The extra power helps the 10,000-lb rig accelerate with enough urgency to get away from any motley crew of real-world monsters.

And if you want to keep playing well after sunset, the TONKA T-Rex is outfitted with eight trail-ready lights that are so bright, every time you flip them on, it makes up for all those times you couldn’t give your parents the finger when they yelled, “Billy, it’s time to come in for dinner.”

Funrise Toys, the company that manufactures and distributes TONKA toys under license from Hasbro, has been showing off the T-Rex at shows and events for almost two years now. The T-Rex was on hand for the launch of the TONKA Toyota 4Runner, which joins the T-Rex and the TONKA Toyota Tundra in TONKA’s marketing vehicle lineup. TONKA also has a line of life-size, off-road racing vehicles competing in the Pro 2, Pro 4, Pro Lite and Pro Buggy classes of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series.

The launch event was held at the property of TONKA Motorsports driver Myan Spaccarelli, and with all three of them in one driveway, my inner child was shifted into a sugar-rush hyper-drive. With the T-Rex, you’ve got Ford truck badassery turned up way past 11. The 500-horsepower, TRD-supercharged TONKA Tundra has a T-shirt canon. Need I say more? And the TONKA 4Runner looks badder than any 4Runner I’ve ever seen. I have a soft spot for ladders on SUVs. The TONKA 4Runner has one for each side, and it comes with tent on the roof. It’s like a friggin’ driveable tree house riding on a 10-inch lift and 38-inch tires. It’s the best camping machine I’ve ever driven. Did I mention it’s a friggin’ motorized tree house?

Unfortunately, none of these life-size TONKA trucks are for sale. They’re for marketing purposes only, but this is what I call smart marketing. Most adult males grew up playing with TONKA trucks, and now that they are buying these toys for their children or grandchildren, it makes sense TONKA would market to the full-grown demographic buying their toys. Plus, who can argue with how cool these trucks are?

Check out this gallery of all the life-size TONKA trucks.

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