Tonka F-150 Shows up at Chicago Autoshow

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Ford pretty much played it’s hand all at once at the Detroit auto show a few weeks ago in regards to new product. The Mustang made it’s official auto show debut, and the new model F-150 was finally unveiled to the public. They even had one with a snow plow on it. I didn’t really know what to expect from them at Chicago aside from more of the same. For the most part, that’s exactly what we got.

For the most part.

This is the Tonka F-150 . It’s big. It’s yellow. It’s awesome. It doesn’t have a dump truck built into the bed, which to me seems like a massive oversight. It does have a lot of other goodies though: 20″ Tonka Alloy coated wheels, Pro-Comp Performance Shocks, a 6″ lift and a Quiet Tone Performance Exhaust are the things you can’t see. The other mods, well, they’re all Tonka based as you might imagine.

You can read the whole pdf here if you’d like. Check it out in detail below.

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