Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: F-150 Trade-in Preparation Burnout!

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video features a 2007 Ford F-150 doing a burnout as the owner prepares to trade-in his truck for something else!

Ahead of trading-in this Ford F-150, the owner figured he’d replace the old tires with brand-spanking new ones, which meant he needed to properly destroy the old tires. Funny enough, this video by DarrenWS6, shows him destroying one of the old tires, as his differential only manages to spin the outside rear tire and not all four. That being said, this F-150 sure does create a ton of smoke for just one tire.

After sitting on one spot with the F-150 turning its rubber into dust, the driver lets off of the brakes and the truck rolls past the camera. The F-150 continues to smoke the one tire into the distance, easily laying more than a hundred feet of rubber on the road!

This is a great video, provided that you aren’t the new owner of this particular F-150.

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